export contacts

Export Contacts from Outlook, Outlook Express and Windows Live Mail

Need to export your contacts out of Outlook? I used to work at an office where there are multiple versions of Office installed on employee computers including Office 2003, Office 2007, Office 2010...

Wiping a Hard Drive in 4 Easy Steps

When it’s time to sell your computer, you’ll want to wipe the hard drive completely. After all, you don’t want to leave any personal or work-related data or files that other...

Remove Shortcut Arrows from Desktop Icons in Windows

In all versions of Windows, whenever you place a shortcut on the desktop, it will overlay an arrow in the bottom left-hand corner as a visual sign that it’s a shortcut....
clear windows 7 jumplists

Delete or Clear Jump List Recent Items in Windows 7, 8 & 10

Back in the days, I wrote an article on how to clear the recent items list in Windows. If you added the Recent Items option to the Start Menu, you or anyone else could see...
windows 7 wallpaper

Remove Desktop Background Wallpapers in Windows

Looking for a way to delete desktop wallpapers from your Windows PC? If you have ever changed the wallpaper in Windows, you’ve probably noticed the ridiculous number of useless wallpapers that come...
Spotlight search

Bulk Delete Pictures and Videos from iPhone Camera Roll

We’re six versions into iOS and there is still no way to delete all your videos and pictures from the camera roll in bulk! This is one maddening annoyance and I...
all apps menu

Remove Programs from the All Apps Screen in Windows 8

One annoying feature I have noticed in Windows 8 is that when you install a new program, the All apps screen ends up getting cluttered with a bunch of useless links...
uninstall a program

Remove Stuck Entries from Programs and Features

Sometimes even after you’ve uninstalled a program, its entry will remain listed in the Add or Remove Programs or Programs and Features list under currently installed programs in the Control Panel. This is...

What Is Xfinity xFi? Comcast’s Personal WiFi Experience Explained

Comcast is one of the nation’s biggest ISPs, or internet service providers. In fact, it has somewhere around 85% of the country’s market share. Despite this dominance, many people have less-than-flattering...

What Is the Uber Passenger Rating and How to Check It

The rating of your Uber driver is likely the first thing you look at when you’re ordering an Uber. It gives you some peace of mind to know how others rate...